The Activist Poet Blog

  • Releasing the Rage

    I learned to suppress my emotions at an early age.  My mother was a master at such suppression and I was determined not to replicate my father’s explosive temperament.  For too long, women have been criticized for being “too emotional,” as if passionate feelings are a bad thing.  Such criticism continues to be a primary… Read more

  • Your Vote Is Your Voice

    Sometimes I have trouble finding my voice as a writer–until something really bothers me. It is then, in the midst of frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness, disbelief, shock…that words flow almost effortlessly from my pen to paper.  Writing is one way I use my voice.  Voting is another. You may have heard that there’s an election… Read more

  • Only a Survivor

    In April of 2018 I published an essay about a sexual assault I experienced in college and why I stayed silent about it for 40 years.  This was long before the topic of sexual assault became so politically charged.  I shared my story because I wanted to let other silent survivors know they are not… Read more

  • An Activist Emerges

    Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I have been writing since 14, when one of my favorite aunts gave me my first journal.  I quickly learned a journal doesn’t judge, it just accepts, embraces and listens to inner thoughts and experiences.  My journal became the safest place for me to explore what it… Read more