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  • Revision

    A small plane flies over an unmapped island floating in the middle of an ocean. The pilot circles the island in search of the runway. She trusts it’s down there, somewhere. Those with experience making this flight have promised the runway exists. The pilot wants to believe them. But she carries doubt like an extra… Read more

  • A Taste of Armenian

    I was first introduced to Armenian culture one evening when the man I would eventually marry took me home to meet his parents. I was nervous—sweaty palms, cold fingers and toes—wanting to make a good impression. Matilda, his mother, welcomed me in with a warm smile. She immediately offered me something to eat. I found this… Read more

  • New Year, New Look, New Focus

    Happy New Year! After two years (I know, I know) of not posting anything, I’m back. At least I intend to be back. What have I been doing in the meantime? Well, I’ve been working on my historical novel. After 18 months and with lots of help and support from an excellent book coach, I… Read more

  • Vaccination Privilege

    Yesterday I registered through my county’s vaccination coordination platform. I’m not eligible to be vaccinated yet. At age 61 I’m still too young. But I was feeling helpless and frustrated as, one by one, my older friends and acquaintances started texting about the joys of getting their vaccination appointment, or posting photos on Facebook and… Read more

  • I Wimped Out….But I Won’t Next Time

    Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and colored. COVID has receded enough to allow hair salons in my county to open again, but with strict restrictions. One client at a time, physical distancing, masks and temperature checks and disinfection protocols between each customer. So, my stylist was in the last stage of applying… Read more

  • Watching the Neighbors

    My neighbor carefully paints the edge of her car’s trunk with white out because the too-small-to-notice scratch interrupts her well-manicured desire for perfection Another neighbor tosses water balloons across the spring lawn to her daughter because the beaches are closed and they yearn to feel the surprise of water splashing on skin My elderly neighbor… Read more